VeldMark: over 15 years leading in Fieldmarketing, Brandactivation and event location selection

VeldMark has a leading position in the development of product campaigns in the Netherlands for more than 15 years now. Futhermore, we are a highly regarded authority in the area of fieldmarketing and location selection including permit handling. Our reputation among product promotion and fieldmarketing is earned through the specialized knowledge and experience that is acquired within the company. At VeldMark, we never take the standards of quality and continuity for granted. On the contrary, these standards are our guide in providing our services.

When VeldMark takes care of a clients’ promotion we strive to ensure that consumers perceive their products or services well. With our own promotion team that is handing out flyers and samples, the senses of consumers are stimulated. By handing out samples of our clients’ products, a spontaneous introduction always plays a central role. In general we see that the best way to reach a clients’ target group is when consumers are able to experience the products or services themselves.

In short, our services consist of taking care of the right campaign preparations, selection of the promotion staff, clothing, logistics and final implementation of the promotional campaign, for instance sampling or handing out flyers. VeldMark has gained a lot of experience in the last 15 years by executing fieldmarketing at railway stations, city centers, fairs, events and other crowded areas. Among our regular clients we are proud to represent multiple major brands. By deploying the best crew we aspire to achieve the best results from every campaign.

As a company, VeldMark is very project and service oriented. Through our unique working method, including fieldmarketing and high project commitment, we always provide superior quality to all our clients. In addition to performing and organizing promotional activities, we also specialize in doing research for all sorts of brands and hosting for events or fairs.

Please feel free to contact us. We speak English.